Amoray Lighting

Amoray Lighting was established by swimming pool and lighting professionals who saw a need for improvement of underwater lighting available on the market. The primary areas they wanted to revolutionize were corrosion resistance, ease of installation & remote control range. Durability and versatility of placement and depth providing easy use were among the top priorities. Developing a 12V system was an imperative as new regulations requiring low voltage for underwater lighting are being implemented and pending in many jurisdictions. The Amoray Lighting team made a firm commitment not to compromise on brightness and color options. Below is a description of the improvements made.


The Amoray Lighting remote control will work at a distance up to 80 to 100 ft. from the pool. The antenna allows the unit to be used even from inside the house or pool shed. A wall mounting bracket converts the unit to a stationary device that can be operated without removing remote from its holder.
In addition to extended distance the Amoray Lighting remote system also increases the depth at with the light can be controlled with no lag in control time. The Amoray Underwater LED light can be installed and controlled at a depth of up to 10 feet without the need for expensive relay boxes and addition power signal power boost. It works flawlessly right out of the box.


Control is instant with the press of a button OFF or ON. A simple color guide lets the user select from a range of individual colors or pre-set color transitions. The easy-to-use options allow for changing color transition speeds from a strobe-like party effect to slow, smooth, flowing color transitions. Simply choose the color or transitions that suit the occasion and mood.


Whether it’s a brand new pool or a retrofit, the installation process could not be easier. There is no need for a large niche cavity, eliminating the need for large holes in the pool wall. Pools with existing niches are simple to accommodate with the mounting ring supplied in the Amoray package. Once the 12V LED wire is connected the transformer, simply plug it in and enjoy. CORROSION RESISTANCE
The number one reason why underwater lights fail, particularly in salt water conditions, is corrosion. Amoray Lighting’s goal in developing this revolutionary Underwater LED was create a rugged break resistant light that could not corrode in any underwater conditions. The brackets, backing, facing and lens are all made of durable plastics with UV inhibitors in the composition.


Having the ability to place the Amoray Underwater LED Light anywhere in either new or existing pools allows for more aesthetically pleasing lighting options. Lights that are restricted to return jets limit the direction of the beams. If the effect of a glowing pool and the ambience that creates, needs the light source to be oriented in line with the viewer.


The extra rugged housing and shatterproof lens means that Amoray Underwater LED lights can take a real beating and continue performing. Subjected to the most rigorous punishment these lights have proven to be extremely reliable. Continuous testing at depths of over 18 feet cycling through all colours and modes has rendered flawless performance. Testing currently continues to ensure that any failure that may take place in the future is addressed. Continuous and ongoing improvement is the hallmark of Amoray Lighting’s commitment to quality.


Most 12V lighting systems sacrifice luminance for low voltage. Amoray Lighting 12V Underwater LED has the brightness equivalent to three, 100 watt incandescent lights. The Amoray Lighting system offers powerful and vivid underwater lighting with a safe and economical power source.


The Amoray remote is designed with a designated button for each option allowing the user to select the desired mood or effect instantly. This single click access allows for easy selection of various color combinations.After years of research and development, prototypes and revisions, the Amoray Team have achieved the goal. The Amoray Underwater LED light is the most durable, dependable low voltage light on the market.