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Amoray 8" Retrofit Light Kit (Commercial Warm White) 50ft
Amoray Lighting

Amoray 8 inch Retrofit Light Kit (Commercial Warm White) 50ft


Retrofits all existing Niches

This pack contains

Amoray Light - Commercial Warm White Cord Length-50ft Light Size-8inch
x 1
Basic Kit A
Amoray Basic Kit A
x 1
Basic Kit B
Amoray Basic Kit B
x 1
Amoray 8inch Master Retrofit Bracket Package
x 1

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Amoray Retrofit Kit-

Available in 3 Light Series:

  • 12" 13 Color Show Series
  • 12" Commercial White
  • 8" 13 Color Show Series

Available in 30ft, 50ft, 100 ft cord lengths

Replace any existing niche Light with Amoray Light
The Amoray Light also RETROFITS to any existing niche using a patented adapter ring for simple retrofit options on all types of existing niches.

1. Use of this package:

  •  Complete Retrofit package including Expandable Wedge Bracket

2. Key Features of Amoray Light:

  • Safe 12V Power
  • Energy Savings Low Power Consumption.
  • Brighter than a 500 Watt 110V light. Brilliant colors. 50000 hour light
  • 18 Large 1 inch LED with Prism Light Diffusion for flood style lighting.
  • Nicheless Flat-back Design makes it simple to install. Installation cost savings. Easiest and fastest installation in its class for both new pools and retrofits. No Niche!
  • Energy Saving LED Technology
  • 100% Corrosion free and Safe in Salt & Chlorine Water
  • Retrofits all Lights (Patented Bracket System)
  • Remote Control with 13 Color Shows.
  • Special Patented Circuit board technology keeps it running cool - eliminating heat issues & algae.
  • Click fit Bezels interchangeable color to match liner, tile or gunnite finishes.
  • Sealed Unit: No maintenance required.
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • Shockproof and Safer in use
  • Installer Invented, Designed and Assembled in Canada - USA

3. Easy installation:

  • Flat back design and flush wall mounting bracket make installation faster and easier. Ideal for retrofits. Flush mount light. Custom brackets for any existing niche available. Concrete, Gunite, Vinyl, & Fibreglass Installs.

4. Applications:

  • Chlorinated and Saltwater Swimming Pools
  • Freshwater and Saltwater Water Features
  • Under Dock Lighting in Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Underwater Safety Lighting for Marinas
  • Shore Lighting in Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Large Freshwater and Marine Aquariums
  • Underwater Caves and Grottos
  • Large Ponds, Lagoons, Streams or Lakes
  • Underwater Accent Lighting

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Cord Length
Light Size
Light Type
Commercial Warm White
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Retrofit any Existing Light